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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute ♪ >> a special greeting to all of the elected officials around the country who refuse to listen to the will of the people, to the activist judges who ignored -- we ignore the spirit of our laws by writing our history, and denying we are one nation under god. >> we are not racist. we are not monsters. >> let us be independent. >> the government has plunged america from the number one nation to be number one in debt it nation on the planet. >> keep the government out of it. we are doing just fine.
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>> this is a vehicle. it is taking us down a path of total socialism. >> a new regime in washington would dismiss a nationwide grassroots uprising. >> [inaudible] >> if you want to be let out of here, you are welcome to go. >> i say to all of them, put your ear to the ground. a terrifying rumble is shaking this nation. listen to us, or your days are numbered. >> i want to speak my mind before i leave. >> i do not like being lied to and i do not like being lied about. >> i understand why people are angry. i am angry, too. >> across the nation, a giant is
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awakening that has never been defeated. that name is "we, the people." we are sleeping no more. >> we are tired of this. that is why everyone in this room is so ticked off. >> this happened in 1776 and it is happening again. americans are shouting in one voice. enough is enough. return the public to its rightful owners, the citizens of the united states of america. on this night of shining possibilities, before a worldwide audience, americans are sending a message of hope to all who would be free. >> with all due respect, you work for us. >> leave us alone. that is all we ask. >> that message is clear. the people fear the government
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is tyranny. the government fears the people. my name is thomas paine. may god bless america. sean: unemployment is on the rise. the government is plunging us into a deficit we may never be able to climb our way out of that the right of every american to choose his or her own health care now hangs in the balance. americans all over have voiced their outrage their emotion and frustrations are a testament to the fact that the seeds of revolution against this president's radical agenda have been planted. nonetheless, the white house is pressing on tone deaf to the concerns of average americans. as to whether the president is worried about the opposition to its health care plan, robert gibbs had this to say earlier today. >> i hate to break it to you. i do not think all the town hall far as you are seeing them on tv.
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while i appreciate that you all have decided that every town hall meeting ends in pushing, shoving, and yelling, i do not think many of you -- i do not know how many town halls you have been too. they are not completely indicative of what is going on in america. sean: leader, you will hear from americans just like yourself, the people that make this country great. we will be hosting this hour a town of focus group and we will be asking participants what they think of the events that have taken center stage over the past few weeks. we have the former arkansas governor mike huckabee. good to see you. what happened to the well-oiled obama machine? >> the music stopped, but they are still dancing. i am stunned by a lack of perception that they have of the american people considering how closely they seem to be able to
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follow the mood of the public during the campaign. it is as if they moved to washington, turned off the water, put themselves in protective hearing in a soundproof booth, and they are not listening to what is going on. sean: we've gone through the list of names. unamerican. nancy pelosi and steny hoyer. political terrorists. brown shirts. now, harry reid, evil mongers. >> even dramatically, that is a mess. it is like it burped out of him. he is having political in digestion. sean: i agree with everything that was written on the blog. if you read the bill, and i wrote -- i read every page, they talk about the end of life counseling sessions.
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one of the chief advisers is rahm emanuel's brother. here's what he said. services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being more becoming participating citizens, get this, are not basic, should not be guaranteed, and obvious -- an obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia. that sounds to me like we are going to decide that some people's lives are not worth living. >> ezekiel emanuel did not write the bill. he is one of the health care visors. i read the article that he did that was published in february of this year. it is a stunning article. he is not really a practitioner of medicine. he is a philosopher and his philosophy is that if you're under the age of two or over the age of 50, you are not as valuable as you would be if you're between 15 and 50. he believes we should make judgments about people.
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there is danger. this is the are you -- argument of abortion. some people are working other -- working harder than others. there is a point when life is expendable. sean: he is advising obama on this issue. why would we, as the president has said, he supports single- payer. this happens in great britain. >> the credibility of the president is on the line. we will not unplug your grandma. take the amendments that some republicans have offered that allow them to be attached to the law so that we know that this idea of being selected in who is valuable and who is not disappears. the declaration of independence was very clear. all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. that includes the right to life. sean: governor, do you fully
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understand coupes? do you understand if you will be able to keep your current insurance? page 16 contradicts that. are you concerned about the privacy issue? what are the things that bother you? >> when they say you can keep what you have, not that it does not exist. if you are a private sector employer and have the option of paying a fine or 8% tax and pushing more people on your payroll and to the government system, it is an easy business decision to make. the private sector insurance disappears after a while. it is disingenuous. here's the question i have for congress. look, i will keep my health care because that is the way the bill works. i keep what i have. here's what i would like to ask. would you be willing for every american to choose what you have at the same cost you have it? if the answer that question, we have a new discussion. sean: you will have more on the weekend show.
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we will be watching. this is a special edition of "hannity." i want to tell you what we have coming up. americans are out rate. some of them are. to speak up. we will have a special town hall focus right here on the show coming up later. more bad news for president obama. we will look at the latest poll numbers. that is coming up next. first, the shocking details on an alleged deal struck with the drug companies.
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sean: the administration has struck a secret deal with big drug companies. the huffington opposed obtained an agreement between the two parties. the white house promises to oppose a congressional push to lower the cost of drugs and drug companies will cut the cost to taxpayers. reform groups are outraged.
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>> on the heat has been on president obama this summer and that news is not getting better. his popularity continues to drop. a new poll shows that his approval rating is at 47%. 52% disapprove of his job performance. a fox news opinion dynamics poll that was released today clearly shows that americans do not trust barack obama. 69% think the president is going back on his promise not to raise taxes. joining me now is a columnist and kimberly guilfoyle. look at these numbers. in this latest poll -- i do not have to. the next ones will be lower. 2-1 independents are swayed
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against him on health care and supporting the people in town halls. the presidential tracking poll is - 8. what is going on? >> you remember back to the campaign, that joke the plumber moment. americans did not want redistribution of belt. -- of wealth. this is a redistribution of health. they are getting angry again. president obama has lost his influence. he is overexposed. he is too many places that too many times. in new york magazine article wondered if the enduring legacy would be his ubiquitous appearances. that is not good news. >> it is not looking good. if this did not begin and end with health care, rollback the tape. it started with tarp, the stimulus, which did not work that well. the other white meat, pork. it has been the road to ruin. this is no surprise.
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it is happening pretty quickly. sean: it is happening quickly and it seems all of this lashing out, and i will not go through the litany of names, but the evildoers, we find on craigslist that they are now offering -- they keep talking about astroturf -- on craigslist, burned $600 per week. work to pass obama's health care plan. >> it is desperation. >> can you smell the desperation? it is permeating the country. what were you thinking? really, that is the problem. it is not about taxing the upper class. he is taxing the middle class of people that helped bring him in. sean: why would they attack the american people? >> it is arrogant. not only are they ignoring the will of the people, public opinion, they will ram this bill through, they are now consulting them. they are calling them
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onamerican -- unamerican. sean: political terrorists, monsters. >> you do not win votes by insulting consumers. sean: we have to come up with mopb names. kimberly killer guilfoyle. >> we are part of the well- dressed mob. sean: i will not argue that. sean: look at the impact it is having on elections. we had katie earlier this week. this guy showed up and confront it arlen specter. look at the change in numbers. pat is up 48-36. it is a 23-point swing from one month ago. >> really sharp and steady and persistent decline. they have to be worried. the sad part is yes, you were
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good at campaigning, but i have got to tell you, where is the ability to govern and make the basic, good decision? they did not read the purse -- the first page of "politics for dummies." >> sarah palin goes on facebook and rights and note, and the senate finance committee drops it. barack obama wishes he had that influence. sean: harry reid is down in nevada with his approval rating in the 30's. chris dodd is in trouble. corzine it's in trouble. bob macdonald will win in virginia. we're looking at a landslide in 2010. >> you're talking about a terminal diagnosis. they're critically injured. this is not something they can put a band-aid on. sean: will they realize this is not working? >> drop the public auction. it would be easy for obama to
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say, i listened to the will of the people, i am taking a back. he would never do it. >> they will not admit they made such a huge miscalculation in judgment. the american people will pay for this. sean: this is the holy grail of liberalism. this is what they want more than anything. i think they will ram it down america's throat whether they want it or not. it is political peril. thank you for being with us. coming up, democrats have written off the town hall protesters as brown shirts and astro turfers. how do americans feel about them?
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sean: average americans across the country have been stalking the town hall meetings to voice their opinions on health care reform. we have relocated and i agree americans, people that pay their taxes and obey the laws and contribute to society, to have our own focus group. joining me now is pollster frank luntz. good to see. >> you should have paid your taxes. i want the people at home to see this. how many people voted for john mccain? 14 of you. how many voted for barack obama ? 15 of you. this represents america as we know it. barack obama, is he delivering what he promised? yes or no?
12:24 am
who says he is? show of hands. who says he is not? i want people to explain why you are disappointed if you voted for him. >> no compromise. he needs to be more forceful. >> why? >> he wants to run everything. sean: you say he is not liberal enough? he is not pushing change enough? >> it is the same thing about george bush and dick cheney. they got it done. >> he is bowling down to conservatives. he is not taking a hammer to this thing. george bush got an agenda through and obama needs to do the same. >> this is john. we had eight years of $1 million per month toward iraq. if we had taken that money for a war that was not supposed to be
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happening to begin with, we would not be going through this now. >> that was his platform to get rid of the war. he kept bush's agenda. >> we cannot just leave. >> that is not totally true. he has not just kept bush's agenda on iraq. when you get there and you're privy to that information, maybe your plan should change. >> can we give them a chance? since he took over, and nobody gives him a chance. he is a pariah. he is our president. sean: the debt in the short time he has been in office has quadrupled since he has become president. he has quadrupled the deficit. are people supposed to be quiet? >> i am in shock at what i am hearing. we have somebody who rammed through a stimulus, someone who is mirandize interest on the
12:26 am
battlefield, are you kidding me? he wants to put terrorists on the street. you have got to be kidding me. >> he should put this country back in the right direction. i think he is trying to take over. he is trying to make the government takeover anything you can think of. sean: how many of you think he is fundamentally changing america in ways nobody imagined? >> in a good way or a bad way? one at a time. who says it is a good way? that way? "socialist" is a strong word to use. >> he was voted the number one in the entire house of representatives and he is maintaining that position. he is radical all the way through. >> he is the most honest politician i have seen. he promised change and we are getting lots of change. he is delivering what he
12:27 am
promised. sean: didn't he try to sell himself as more fiscally conservative? no earmarks. he gave us 9000. they are not reading the bills. >> this is not the change that i want. >> he said there would be transparency and nothing has been transparent. >> i have written him 16 times. he has not written once in response. sean: i wrote once and he would not respond. >> what about it has changed my perspective of being an american. if i send an e-mail to someone else, they can send it to the white house and my name is on the list. sean: i agree with you. how many of you are concerned that the government wants you to report on your fellow citizens? >> "1984." sean: it sounds like "1984."
12:28 am
>> it is an invasion. >> it is voluntary. >> what about the people -- >> one at that time. >> if you e-mail somebody right now, they are already taking your information. >> what is scary is citizens turning on each other. sean: let me ask you this question. when we heard they want to push this through in two weeks, and we know they did not read the stimulus bill before they passed it, $787 billion is a lot of money from our kids, but when they wanted to pass it, do you think they really were not taking into account your opinion? how many of you think they were not being considerate of the american people's point of view? >> they argue that the republicans had eight years and
12:29 am
nothing happened. >> the first bill that was on his watch -- >> michelle? >> i felt safe with bush. that was the prime issue for me. anything he would do would be clamped on very quickly. >> he created a crisis that does not exist. the system is not perfect, but it is not broken. people are not lining up outside of hospitals dying. you do not need to trash the system. >> are you mad as hell? >> i am angry about that. >> how many of you are mad as hell? is this why people are yelling and screaming at town hall meetings? you are angry. >> yes. >> the politicians have been a leak is mentality. they do not want to listen to us anymore. we will try to make them listen. we will try to do it. sean: is it just that they are passionate?
12:30 am
we see the elderly. we see veterans. we see fathers pushing children in wheelchairs. the politicians refer to them as mobs, unamerican, do you think the democrats have overreached? >> absolutely. >> the people that are yelling at the meetings are the same exact people that think obama was born in another country. sean: hang on the second. frank, this is a great -- this is a town hall debate. you are terrific. we have more to get to. more on the town hall focus group coming up. that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ?
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sean: a former top aide to bill clinton is in serious trouble for trying to smuggle items into a prison. it is the former chief of staff who work for bill clinton when he was governor of arkansas. authorities say she tried to sneak box cover -- box cutters and needles to death row prisoners. gecko vo: geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. but, it's not like we're kicking back, now, havin' a cuppa tea. gecko vo: takes lots of sweat to become that big. gecko vo: 'course, geckos don't literally sweat... it's just not our thing...
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sean: we continue with frank
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luntz and our town hall focus group. everybody is willing. i want to show you -- we have been reading about what the democrats have said about the people showing up at the town halls. i want to show you a montage of three democrats starting with nancy pelosi. we will get your reaction. roll the tape. >> you be the judge. they are carrying swastikas. >> some of the rhetorics we are hearing are reminiscent of the things that drove tim mcveigh to the federal building in oklahoma. >> the last time i heard something like this was when i voted for the civil rights bill and i thought i voted against it. we had to clucks klan folks and white supremacists, people in -- kuklu klux klan folks and white
12:36 am
supremacists. >> how many say these comments are justified? yes or no? who says they're not justified? a lot of obama people are saying it is not justified. tell me why, barbara. >> it is such drama. it is like watching a shakespearean drama. it is funny. >> why isn't it justified? >> a few people go and yell at these town hall meetings, that is not representative of the whole democratic party. sean: how many of you saw what i saw at these town halls, though? elderly, veterans are concerned. >> they are getting their information from fox news. misinformation. sean: they are getting the truth from fox news. >> they're listening to rush limbaugh. >> i got an e-mail the other day that had 30 different. about the health care plan and why you should not support.
12:37 am
i looked up every single one. every single one was true. it was in the bill the way it was written. the stuff that is being put out there is right on the mark so far. sean: president obama said it will not cost us anything, but the cbo said it will be $1 trillion. you can keep the current plan, but page 16 says something very different. i am concerned about and the plight counseling for the elderly. how many of you are concerned about it? >> i want to show you something. bring the painting in. this is one of the great presidents and he had something to say about how people participate. you recognize him. you like him. sean: who is this? beautiful painting. >> the artist is actually here. teddy roosevelt said, "walk softly but carry a big stick." the people at those meetings are not walking softly but talking
12:38 am
loudly. are they justified? sean: how many say justified? >> why? >> there justified in a number of reasons. it is dangerous to go around -- we have a right to a free association and assembly. the leftists are trying to scare people to organize. when you organize, you raise money. when you raise money, you have power. acorn is powerful. >> acorn, that is in the past. we can move on from that one. you are allowed free speech. that is the fact. no one should be called un american. >> these meetings are not about health care. let me finish. "socialism," i think it is a code word. it is the new n-word. sean: how many agree with that? >> rubbish.
12:39 am
sean: three people. seanthere are questions about dissent in the country. i think people have a right to express their views. believe it or not, hillary clinton agrees with me. how many of you remember this? >> i am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, some how you are not patriotic. we should stand up and say, we are americans and we have the right to agree or disagree with any administration. >> what is so wrong about people being emotional at town hall meetings? >> nothing at all. they want to demonize people for having a different opinion. it is ok to organize a community when you are agreeing if you are liberal, but not if you are conservative. >> i think it is disgraceful that we have the people criticizing in the most violent
12:40 am
extreme terms possible to characterize -- bush was characterized in weil terms and they're doing it again. sean: one at the time. >> what you just did to her is what happened at town hall meetings. you heard her speak and you talk over her. are you better than them? >> she has been doing it the whole night. if you want to get your point across, you have to yell. my problem is that you do not call people lay nazi. sean: the people being called mobsters and nazis and political terrorists are the people who were taking time out of their summer to go to the town halls. >> none of the politicians have been transparent. people fear that.
12:41 am
they are shocked that their politicians would do that to them. sean: one important last question. we're running out of time. the government is bankrupting social security. the bank -- the government was bankrupt medicare. president obama promised unemployment would not go above 8% if we passed the stimulus. how many of you have any hope that the federal government can really get health care right with that track record? how many of you hope they can? one, two, three, four, five. >> only five of them have faith in this plan. sean: how many of you distrust your government more now than in any point in your life? that is pretty powerful. [unintelligible] >> i had to leave a job. i have been looking for three years. i had to leave a job after four
12:42 am
days because i saw the health package. i was getting $12 an hour and could not afford it. guess what? i am on medicare and medicaid. i have the best health insurance of anybody in this room. they will not kick me out of the hospital. sean: can i say something? this has been a great panel. even take up and peter and the guys who disagree, congratulations. you talked a lot tonight. more importantly, i think you are well-informed, which bodes well for this debate as it moves forward. frank, terrific. thank you for being with us. thank you very much. the great for me to keep my bones strong but even with calcium, vitamin d, and exercise, i still got osteoporosis. i never thought i could do more than stop my bone loss. then my doctor told me i could, with once-monthly boniva. boniva works with your body
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sean: on our great american panel, we have a democratic strategist.
12:47 am
steve mcmahon is here. she is a political consultant and fund raiser. he is the co-host of the "opie and anthony show." what is up with the bedwetting, obama support team, liberal co- host? why isn't he here? >> i should throw a hillary clinton his see fit -- hissy fit. i am here. this is about me. there was the whole change thing with obama, this will be great. sean: thank god he has you and norton. >> we like to straighten him out. i like getting feedback on the show. one guy will say, my god, you are a conservative, right-wing, radical. the next person will say, i
12:48 am
agree with you 100%. sean: you are a libertarian? >> i am a christian conservative. i have some views that dripped over. sean: independents now have been swayed. they are moving away from obama and obamacare. he has the lowest numbers since he has been president. >> it is down to 47%. he did it to himself. the aarp endorsement, come on. he was called on the carpet on it. he was on tape in 2003 stating that he was a fan of single pay. he said it. sean: steve, you follow polls. i know you like barack obama. as attacking -- attacking the american people as a strategy, independents move away from him 2-1.
12:49 am
>> he did not attack anybody. there were remarks made by members of congress. sean: shut up, get out of the way, we will clean up. >> not barack obama. that is not barack obama. let's talk about health care reform. you have an opportunity where 70% of what is being talked about on capitol hill, people agree with the business community, health insurance industry. insurance reforms, cost spending, those things people are concerned about, they want them addressed. they want health reform and they want it now. >> they do not want government health care. that is restructuring insurance companies. i am for that. >> that is a talking point. >> that was an election -- campaign promise by barack obama. sean: let me quote him.
12:50 am
in 2007, he wanted to get rid of the employee benefit system if it takes 10, 15, or 20 years. >> can you do the whole context? he said it you are starting over from the ground up, you probably have a single-payer system. they said, we are not. we have an employer-based system and a buddy is happy. we have to fix what is wrong with it. >> when the liberals get together and demonstrate, they're exercising their freedom of speech. when the conservatives get together and demonstrate an organized, we are called right- wing loons and unamerican and unpatriotic. >> i find this refreshing. this is finally -- the people who always came home and watched tv after work and said, i wish i had time to get out there and get my point of view across,
12:51 am
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sean: we continue with our panel. can you imagine anything worse when you get older that some government bureaucrat is going to sit down with you and tell you that you lived a good life, you made a lot of money, you don't want to be a burden to society or your family. doesn't that scared the living daylights out of you? >> to have some bureaucrat assessing your health and whether you are worthy of
12:56 am
further assistance on this planet, that is frightening. sean: medicare costs nine times what they originally projected. the reality of nationalized health care comes into play and it is much higher. >> they said it was not going to cost anything. >> this is supposed to be cost neutral. you cannot keep the cost down. sean: the cbo said it would be over a trillion. you have some bureaucrat whose mandate is going to be to save money to sit down with all the people at the end of their lives, do you want to the advice from some bureaucrat. >> that is a great gig you have going but it is not true. it says that the government will reimburse and a slicadvice.
12:57 am
sean: it is mandatory. >> cost this care is what that is. >> just the fact that it is in there now shows the context. >sean: the fact has shown this. people go into a hospice every single day. >> you can not get your name replaced. because you were sean hannity because you can get your knee replaced. conservatives can pick out a little things here and there that you want to shoot out, 70% -- >> it is all elderly. can you not see who is upset about this? they fear that they will be out. sean: if you take out illegal
12:58 am
immigrants. you take out the illegal immigrant equation, you take out young people that choose not to buy insurance because they want to go out and party. >> then it is 47 million people. sean: >> it is about 15 million people. 84% of the people have health care. why would you try to change something that has such a success rate? >> if they lose their job they will lose their coverage and will not be able to get it. if they have a pre-existing condition and will not be covered. if they get sick, they will not be able to get health care. >> why are they out at these town hall meetings being angry like you have never seen? these are not interest groups,
12:59 am
this is a middle-class america. >> i and stand that. they are angry because you are talking about things that don't have to do with health care reform. protestants it is back. they are angry that the country that they live then, the country that was left to the obama administration. they're angry about how much the government is spending. sean: every single poll shows that the support is plummeting. the more they know, the less they like it. >> that is because they're getting information from people like you. sean: the politicians bankrupt it. >> 85% of americans like their health insurance but they're also worried about what happened if they lose their job. if they lose their job.

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